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EASY crossings

With track intersections extensive straightening and welding work is often necessary during installation within the construction site. The resulting material stresses can significantly impair the dimensional stability of the system resulting in reduced service life, unfavourable vibration behaviour and increased traversing noise. RIECKEN has created the EASY crossing, a system that revolutionises the process of renewing intersections. The EASY crossing is based on an interlocking design concept consisting of upper and lower beams which are assembled on site using the push-fit method and fastening. No welding is required within the crossing at all. The system ensures a significant increase in installation quality: Dimensional changes due to welding heat are eliminated and traversing traffic noise is significantly reduced due to the robustness of the crossing.


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EASY crossings

EASY crossings have the following advantages:

  • all steel qualities and rail sections
  • simple and quick assembly (60% reduction in installation and closure times)
  • no welding along the overall length on site
  • high installation quality
  • flexible use for all track systems
  • notable reduction in over-running noise
  • at least 3.5-fold economic life compared with
  • conventional (welded) versions

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